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Elimination of Chernobyl NPP Unit 3 Power Output Limitation Associated with High Main Steam Piping Flow Induced Vibration (PDF, 418 KB)
This paper was presented by Mr. Victor Kostarev at the 16th SMIRT Conference and deals with a significant operational problem encountered on Chernobyl Unit 3 during the last period of operation before December 2000 final shut-down of the plant. The eight main steam relief valves of Unit 3 were replaced in 1999 to the new set of SEBIM valves that caused abnormally high vibration in limits 80-100 % of nominal power and several shutdowns. Power output of the Unit has been strictly limited by 80% of nominal load. After performing of special investigation the roots of vibration was discovered and corrective actions have been implemented for elimination of Unit 3 operational limits.
Veröffentlicht: August 2001
16th Internatioal Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology August 12-17, 2001 Washington DC, USA


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