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Certificates / Documents

General Sales, Delivery and Assembly Terms (PDF, 78 KB)
These are our General Sales, Delivery and Assembly Terms - as per 15th May 2006 - for use in business relations with businesses and public clients.

Patent No. 243351 (PDF, 84 KB)

"Shockabsorber responding to vertical and horizontal vibrations based on elastic damping material"

Patent No. 268564 (PDF, 117 KB)

"Vibration Damper using coil springs and elastic material with strong internal friction"

Patent No. 659230 (PDF, 179 KB)


Building Isolation

Approval No. - Z-16.6-427
issued by Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin
 (PDF, 684 KB)
Steel Spring Elements for the elastic support of buildings with the purpose of vibration and structure-borne noise control

Valid until: 26th August 2015

On request we shall send a copy of the complete document to you.

Pipework Dampers

Type Inspection Certificate for Viscodamper, Type VES
issued by Inspecta Nuclear AB -
 (PDF, 300 KB)
Type Inspection Certificate valid for manufacturing and supply according to SSMFS 2008:13

Valid until: 16th May 2016

Shipbuilding Industry

Type Approval Certificate  (PDF, 354 KB)
Certificate No. M-11599 issued by Det Norske Veritas for Flexible Mounts for Propulsion or Auxiliary Machinery.

Valid until: 31.12.2014

On request we shall send a copy of the complete document to you.


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