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Elastic Support of Power Plant Equipment

Specific Issues for Seismic Performance of Power Plant Equipment (PDF, 4.430 KB)
This article illustrates basic principles of elastic support systems and applications on power plant equipment and buildings in medium and high seismic areas. Spring-damper combinations with special stiffness properties are used to reduce seismic acceleration levels of turbine components and other safety or non-safety related structures. For turbine buildings the integration of the turbine substructure into the machine building can further reduce stress levels in all structural members. The application of this seismic protection strategy for a spent fuel storage tank in a high seicmis area is also discussed.
Published: January 2010 / Quelle: Kraftwerksbau Special
Ernst & Sohn Verlag

Elastic support of Steam Turbines

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Concrete Turbine Foundations (PDF, 7.798 KB)
The paper presents a systematic overview of the static and dynamic analysis of turbine foundations made of reinforced concrete. It discusses the load cases to be applied, the required ultimate limit and serviceability limit state checks, the assessment of the static and dynamic foundation stiffness and special provisions required in seismic areas.
Published: August 2008
Structural Engineering International SEI, Volume 18, Number 3

Tuned Mass Dampers

Application of Tuned Mass Dampers for Bridge Decks (PDF, 819 KB)
This contribution gives an introduction about the design and the practical application of Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD). Especially the practical adaptation of the theoretical defined optimum specification and the effect of all relevant parameters will be discussed. On the basis of realized footbridge projects where TMDs have been successfully applied to reduce the occuring vibrations, practical ways for an experimental determination of the relevant dynamic behaviour and the in situ assessment of the TMD effectiveness will be introduced.
Published: 2009
Footbridge Vibration Design


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